an ice cold cocktail

Filtered for 96 hours through charred coconut husks for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and clean finish.

Bravo, Andrew Volstead, father of Prohibition, alias the Noble Experiment. By driving America’s bartenders to Europe—where they discovered vodka cocktails—you inadvertently gave birth to the vodka avant-garde. As lovers of excellent spirits, we salute your selfless Act.

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon using
all-American neutral grain spirit, pure Cascade mountain water and a deeply sober respect for the cocktail making experience.

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A bottle of Volstead Vodka
2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal

San Francisco World
Spirits Competition

2013 Gold Medal

The Volstead Act { A Drinker's History }

  • June 27, 1919 Introduced by
    Andrew Volstead (R-MN)
  • October 27, 1919 Vetoed by President
    Woodrow Wilson
  • October 28, 1919 Overridden to become law
  • December 5, 1933 Repealed by Congress
  • Celebrated every day since.